I’m a doting mother, an adorable spouse, an innocent homemaker, a solid contributor software engineer, an author and of course a thinker.

Sometimes, I feel stressed to perform multitask but I keep saying myself,

“Yes, I can do anything and everything”.

It’s good to quit other stuff and concentrate at a single point but it’s better to efficiently manage a couple of assignments.

A ship in the harbour is safe but that is NOT what a ship is built for.

I’m born to think, dream, conceive, believe and win.

I believe it is much more important to be a good human being than a successful human being.

I take each stumbling block as a stepping stone and consider each problem as a challenge.

With positive attitude and perseverance, profession and parenting both become passion.

I strongly believe, it’s my life,

I’m completely responsible for it.

I make my priorities right, what exactly I want and where to reach in near future.

I’m  unique and unparalleled.

I compete with myself and try to excel in each role I perform.

I believe in me, myself, my inner self. I believe, “everything is possible with believe”.