Its so strange that we women are so strong, intelligent and confident but yet when it comes to driving a car we often end up giving it very easily.

We find it easier to cook delicious and complicated receipes, we find it easier to take tough decisions in life and not to loose hope in difficult situations but when it comes to driving, our intelligent brain cells refuse to work and there we are in the middle of the road blocking the entire traffic. 

Same thing happened with me when I started learning the car for the first time, although with lots of efforts I managed to drive but not with that kind of confidence with which I do other things and the result was that soon I lost the confidence and there again I was in the middle of the road trying to cope with the staring and the anger of the people.

I guess we all are born with different qualities, if somebody is good at a thing that doesnt mean that I cant do it. It means that I can also do that thing but may be I need a little more extra effort to do the same thing and the moment I realized this, that was the moment I picked up the phone and dialled the number of a driving school and that evening onwards I joined the driving school for eighteen days but with the determination that this time
I am going to drive the car,
I am going to be independent and I am not going to give up this time.

Today I can drive my own car and with loads of confidence. It has made me not only independent but has also given me the freedom to run on all the household errands.
I believe that fear is the enemy of most of the things, when we let this fear rule our lives we do nothing and the moment we let it go that is the moment of victory.

Rise above your fears and move ahead in life. Always believe in yourself and in the famous saying that " NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE".
And in the last I would like to say, never give up at least give it a try and for the inspiration look "within" your real courage is inside talk to yourself and make things possible.