Sometimes life gives us a reality shock.

Some things take place in our surroundings and they work as a big shock to awaken our sleeping souls.

And that is the moment when we realize that the things and the loved ones we sometimes take for granted are not meant to be treated that way.

Our loved ones are much more precious than any material possession in the world and they will be with us when all the money and wealth will perish one day.

Love is one gift which we should constantly give to our loves ones at each hour of the day.

Few days back I read somewhere about how many people commit suicide each year because of depression and lack of love and it shook me from inside that love is one thing we have in abundance, we dont have to work hard from nine to six to earn it coz we already have it and yet we are so miser in spreading love around us.
Its always so depressing to hear that a child commits suicide coz he doesnt get that love from his parents that he expects, a wife commits suicide coz she thinks her husband doesnt love her anymore.

In the fast growing society, we are moving that fast that we forget to give sweet gestures to our spouses, our kids, our family.
We forget to give a hug to our husbands, our wives and our kids, we forget to kiss our family members. our loved ones are precious and it costs nothing to love them, to make them feel special, to make them feel comfrortable and to make them realize with these gestures that they are important to us and they hold a special place in our hearts.
Love each moment, spread happiness, give lots of hugs, kisses and that special touch.
Provide that environment at home that no matter where they go, they have the urge to come back to their home, to their loved ones.

Life is too short to keep grudges, we dont know what will happen tomorrow, so make the most of what you have:your present, your today.
Give the wealth of love to all the special people you have in life, give them your time, listen to them, share your feelings with them.
Lets make our families secured, lets spread love so that we can work in making a better tomorrow where there are no more suicides because of lack of love.

I believe that we can do anything if we wish too and I believe we can change anything we want to.
With our constant efforts we can change few things in our lives and can definitely change few things in others and I believe with love we can definitely make a difference in somebody elses life as well.

Lets make the world a better place - you dont know someone might be going through when you smile to say hello or when you ask if they are okay or ask if they need any help. 

Make the effort to be nice - I believe in karma - treat people how you want to be treated.