Stop Resisting and Find the Lesson

The all human creature in the world, find themselves stranded in some kind of problems, whether it is physical, financial or the most important one ...emotional.
Most of the time, the problems does not exist at all, this is our sheer thinking who aggravate the problems.
By becoming the victim of our own conditioned mind, we started perceiving the things as imperfect  & worthless and when we become perturbed by it we ended up in fighting with the prevailing situations, saying why it is so?
Why it always happens with me only?

Have we ever contemplate for a moment and realized that “to acknowledge things as they are shows the maturity and the inner strength of mind.” yes this is what we called the power of acceptance, to accept the things as they are. Acceptance frees the energy that gets tied up in feeling hurt or frustrated.

This does not mean giving up in the life, there are no such obstacles, which cannot be, surmount. 
But at the same time every individual has it’s own certain limitations.
When we fail to achieve, what we have desired for us, we think that the almighty God has close the door to reach there, and start pondering & succumb. In this process we forget to see that window, which God kept open for us despite closing the door.
It is the inner strength of mind to accommodate the imperfection around ourselves, and accommodating is something which is far ahead of being just agree.
Being furious & frustrated about something or with someone, takes your power away, but acknowledging it brings the power & energy back to your life.
We can visualize the imperativeness of energy in life, which inturn endorses the inner strength of mind.
Because only a calm & composed mind can manage the turmoil around it.
A healer preaches us that all healing begin with acceptance.
Power of acceptance is not resignation rather it is our capacity to just accept as they are, it is our capacity for truth. It is our faith on almighty God, his system,  his people and on the mankind. It is saying yes to life very loudly and with bang.

Keep Rocking